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Computer Lab

We have fully equipped Computer Lab with digital library and all time Internet connection.It helps students to be familiar with the wide world of information technology and its various dimensions. The students utilize this facility in a right way for expanding their realm of knowledge.


The hall mark of our school is the all-round development of the students. For keeping this, they have developed a very good library. The library is enriched with more than 15,000 books in different languages. To ensure the standard of library the separate sections are provided. Reference books, journals, magazines, project reports,news papers etc... are assured to the students through the library.

Digital Library

This facility was inaugurated by Sri P A Gopi (Hon. Mun.Ex.chairman). It is very helpful for our students to gather more information's about the outer world. They can search for books, and world famous works of different subjects, and make current references about present issues.

Multimedia Room

This provides to students advanced teaching facilities, using LCD Projector, Edusat (Satellite facilitated by Education department), CDs, Video Conferencing and other well equipped facilities. Students can get access to the real life situations through this facilities.

Science Lab

In addition to computer lab, the students are also offered the lab facilities for the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Geography to do experiments based on their studies. The labs are well equipped with the modern experimental devices.


Demonstration Room


Reading Room

The school reading room provide a variety of news papers and magazines and books for the overall development of the students of the school. It helps both students and faculty to address the changing needs of the students and the school curriculum. It offers both formal and informal study places for individual study and to facilitate quiet conversation related to academic work.

Water Purifier

State Bank of Travancore as part of CSR has decided to lend a helping hand to the Government’s efforts in upgrading the infrastructure to needy schools across the country. As part of this effort and to provide clean drinking water to students, the State Bank Group has provided us a well equipped water purifier on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, 2012.This effort is expected to benefit millions of students all over the country.

Telephone Booth

For the urgent requirements of the students they have facilitated them with a good phone booth . By this, the safety of students can be assured. It was installed by our responsible PTA for the year 2006.

School Co-operative society

Through the school co-operative society, the essential study materials are supplied to the students at reasonable prices.

School Hardware Team

The School has a well trained student hardware Team to help and maintain the lab well.